Accounting Certificate

The Accounting Certificate program prepares students for entry level positions in accounts receivable and accounts payable departments, payroll units, and financial service organizations. Students learn double-entry bookkeeping, the practice of journals and ledgers, preparing payroll documents, and reconciling banking statements.  Students will study theoretical and practical applications of record-keeping and accounting systems for sole proprietor, partnerships, and corporations. Incorporation of QuickBooks used in bookkeeping and accounting operations, as well as spreadsheet and database software will enhance employment opportunities. With a certificate in Accounting, jobs are available in many corporate business and non-profit organizations.

Class/Test Session Taken Instructor Sign-Off Date Completed
Keyboarding (40 wpm)
Ten-Key Machine Operation
Introduction to Computers
Microsoft Windows
Internet & Email
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Access
Manual Accounting Level I
Manual Accounting Level II
Manual Accounting Level III
Business Communications I
Business Communications II
Career Success/PEP
National Work Readiness Exam
Applied Math  Level 4
National Work Readiness Exam
Reading For Information  Level 5
National Work Readiness Exam
Locating Information  Level 4
National Work Readiness Exam
Business Writing  Level 3