Certificate Process for Community Education Students


  1. The student will declare their intention to participate in a certificate program with Barb in room 107.
  2. Math Essentials and English Essentials are required unless students can produce COMPASS scores (87 for writing, 80 for reading, 80 for pre-algebra and 40 for algebra), College Transcripts, Workkeys or TABE scores of NRS level 5.
  3. If none of the above are attained students will need to take the TABE assessment to determine math, and reading and language skill levels. The testing is done in room 112 on Monday’s at 12:00 noon and Tuesday’s at 8:00 am. Students will need to arrive at least ½ hour early and take a number from the wire basket on the wall next to the door of room 112. The assessment takes approximately 2 ½ hours. After taking the TABE, students will receive a schedule for a time to meet with an assigned counselor for orientation. At that time, the counselor will go over their scores to determine the necessary classes.
  4. If the student feels they are proficient in any of the required courses, they have the option to test out. The student will need to pay $5 per test. Barb schedules test outs once a month. See room 107 for the schedule.
  5. The student will also enroll in certificate classes. These classes must be paid for at time of registration. Community Education classes are designed by sessions according to the seasons. Whether you are paying for these classes yourself, or if an agency is paying for you, you will need to register in room 107 every session. Please do not ask your counselors to register you for classes other than the math, English and keyboarding.
  6. If there is a sponsoring agency, you will need to come to room 107 so we may fill out a form of the classes you wish to take. We will fax the form to the agency. When it is faxed back with their approval, you will be officially enrolled into classes. These forms are sent over every session. If you finish a book before the session has completed and want to start a new one, come to room 107 so a form may be submitted for approval. Once the form is returned by the agency you will receive the new book.
  7. Students sponsored by an agency will receive an open lab card from their instructor so time may be documented.
  8. A parking pass will be issued in room 107 with parking instructions, as well as a student card to gain access into the building. The District will be charging $5 for these cards. The student will swipe the access card to gain entrance or press the buzzer for the receptionist to allow access.